This week, as part of our Getting to Know You series, we would like you to meet our Director of Maintenance, John Borelli.

As a lifelong resident of Yonkers, John shares many common memories with our older residents. Whether it’s taking a moment to reminisce about a diner from days gone by or recalling the Yonkers of yesterday, John adds that extra personal touch to life at Adira.

Administrator Eric Fischbein and John Borelli during John’s birthday celebration at Adira.

1. I hear that you’ve been with the facility since the transition?

I came in 2001 when it was Michael Molotz. I just completed 20 years at St. John’s Hospital in the maintenance department. I was an electrician there and here, I’m no-frills general maintenance mechanic.

2. What changes have you seen since Adira took ownership?

I’ve seen actual improvements in the building. The new administration is trying to give the building a more appealing look. I see a change in the way the residents are cared for…a good change. Our administrator is incredible. Eric has literally tucked his tie in and rolled his sleeves up and worked side by side with me. I’ve never seen that before.  And a lot of recognition which not something I’m accustomed to. The change has been wonderful.

3. What do you like best about working with the senior community?

I get to take my years of experience and try to comfort people, keep them content in their environment. This is their home. I have a love of working here. I take great pride in it and it’s important to me to do a good job.

4. Happy Birthday! It was this week and it looks like there was a celebration.

Yes! I turned 61. I started at St. John’s in 1981. I never thought I’d last in this profession…but two years came and went…I’m in it over 37 years now. In the beginning, I didn’t feel any allegiance but now it’s the complete opposite. I’m very dedicated to what I do. In some small way, maybe I’m making somebody feel more comfortable….we become their extended family.

5. If you could choose three words or phrases to describe Adira, what would you choose?

Local Community: Because everybody pretty comes from this area.

Excellent therapy.