This week as part of our Getting-to-Know-You series, we would like to introduce you to Jean Labidou, RRT/NPS, Adira’s Director of Respiratory Therapy. Jean is the lead clinician on our critically acclaimed Vent Unit and he brings three decades of healthcare experience with him.
Prior to joining this facility three years ago, Jean worked as the Assistant Director of Respiratory Care at St. John’s Hospital and has experience with all across the spectrum, from infants to the elderly. He then moved on to become the Assistant Director of Respiratory Care at this facility when it was called Michel Molotz. However, once the new owners took over, and it became Adira at Riverside, Jean was promoted to Director of Respiratory Care.
Many changes have taken place since the new owners took over in 2016, not the least of which is the 5 Star status from CMS.GOV. When I asked Jean what improvements he’s noticed first hand, he said, “There’s been more volume, more residents with ventilators and those using non-invasive ventilation. We also are much better equipped. The supplies are very accessible now. We get everything we need for patient care.”
Jean went on to say, “The care that respiratory therapy provides here is second to none. I would also say that we have a lot of professionals working here. Clinically we are all astute and there’s a lot of experience here…a tremendous amount of experience.”
When asked what he enjoys best about working at Adira, he responded, “I enjoy relating to the residents and the family members and staff members of course.”
As for why he has chosen to work in senior care….” Well, we’re all going that way!”
When you come to Adira, be sure to come by and say hello to Jean.