Each month, we will be putting the spotlight on a team or team member here at Adira. We want the community get to know some of the outstanding people we have at our facility. This month we would like to introduce you to our phenomenal rehab team. A few months ago, we did a profile on Phil Rallis, our Director of Rehab,  but he will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t do this job alone. 

Back Row: Craig Thomas, PTA (with hat), Mike Bantug, COTA, Tina Burgos, COTA, Minet Garcilazo-Gropper, PTA, Hanisha Bhatia, PTA and Jebu Alexander, PT.
Middle Row: Richard Otchere, OTR/L, Sheryl White, OTR/L, Phillip Rallis, Director, Mike Tchonev, PTA, Pradeep Kuruvilla, PTA
Front Row: Chelsea Battiste, (rehab aide)  and Karina Oceguera, (rehab aide)
**Rehab Team Members Not Pictured: Ernest Nelson, COTAAkwasi Boateng-Duah, DPT,  Beth Metro,  COTA, Grace Mahayag, PT, 
Yap, Lalaine, PTA, Amber Villarba, PT

When we asked Phil what he likes best about working with this team, most of whom are pictured above, he said it’s because they are a true TEAM. “Everyone understands that no one is above the team/department and they all work well together to get the job done. There is great communication between all the therapists and like any department, team or family there are also disagreements but they are always resolved in a respectful and professional way without any lingering bad feelings or without me having to get involved.”

Like any other team, there are times when the days don’t go as smoothly as planned but Phil and his crew take it all in stride. With donuts. Hey, there’s nothing that a couple dozen donuts can’t cure, at least when it comes to keeping morale up. Phil, however, knows that donuts aren’t a magic cure-all, “I try to keep the mood light and upbeat by allowing them to be themselves and not micromanaging them. My motto here is, Do your job and do it well.” 

In order to keep everyone on the same page, the team meets at least once a week to discuss patient challenges and successes. Phil’s team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, each of whom have different talents and strengths. It’s this wide array of skills that makes this team a standout group of professionals. Phil’s leadership strategy focuses on the individuals, as well as the team, “I try to play to everyone strengths and try to put them in a position to succeed because if they succeed the resident succeeds and at the end of the day that’s why we’re all here.”