1. Hello, Myles. Can you each tell us a bit about your background? Where were you before you joined the Adira team?

Myles:I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia with my grandmother and she always made sure that my grandfather had a hot meal on the table every night. So after school and homework (winter time), I’d stay in the kitchen and help her cook. Cutting up veggies & peeling potatoes and cleaning up afterward. I would always help when it was time to make cakes and pudding. On Dec. 21st, I met Top Chef Marcus Samuelsson then went on to work for him for 4 1/2 years and to this day, if I’m not working, I’ll go back and help out there.

2.Have you always loved cooking and the culinary world? Tell us why.

Myles:At age 11, I moved to New Jersey to stay with my mom where she would give me the responsibility of warming up the food and sometimes cooking. Every Saturday I’d make breakfast for my mom, brother and myself. I got to high school and took up home economics, it was the best class I every took. I went on to work in a hotel, the restaurant industry, a golf course, college and now, senior living.  

3. What is the biggest challenge when preparing 3 meals a day for 120 or so people?

Myles: Knowing the diets of our residents and their likes and dislikes. There’s only one thing that changes in senior living and that is the residents and patients we serve.

4. What do you enjoy most about this role at Adira?

Myles: Being able to allow people to enjoy my food! 

5.Which of your culinary delights is most requested by our patients and residents at Adira?

Myles:So far the lemon grilled salmon is popular but that will change soon! 

6. Tell us a fun fact or two about yourself.

Myles:I enjoy playing uno with my granddaughter.