Certified Vent Unit

Every Breath Is Precious.

At Adira, we have the only certified ventilator support unit in the area, featuring a highly skilled respiratory team that is focused on your loved ones’ comfort and dedicated to helping them progress to breathing without assistance.

The Highest Level of Specialized Care

Patients may require sub-acute respiratory support for many reasons, including disease, injury and chronic conditions.

Our team understands the enormous obstacles our patients and their families must overcome, and helps them to meet these challenges with skillful and compassionate care.

To address our vent care patient’s specialized needs, our designated respiratory care wing is equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment.

From Dependence to Freedom

Every member of our team is highly qualified to administer and promote weaning from ventilator care. Staff competencies are reviewed regularly, and training is continuously updated to reflect the latest medical standards and ventilator technologies.

Our respiratory care team also maintains close working relationships with local doctors and hospitals to ensure seamless continuity of care and help our patients heal safely and quickly.

Ask Us About Vent Care
NYS Medicaid-Certified Ventilator Unit
Dedicated, Highly-Trained Team
Designated Respiratory Care Wing
State-of-the-Art Equipment & Technology